CommonTO is Shutting Down

Foes has grown tremendously in the last year. We have gradually realized that our attention can’t be divided. To build as stunning and powerful a product as upiPUB requires, we must completely focus on it, and not get caught up in other initiatives that don’t attract enough attention from our users.  — we aren’t going to let this go unnoticed. We’re determined to fuel the fire and make upiPUB the ideal product it can be.

We created CommonTO in Dec of 2020 to be used in conjunction with BLAHschool as an aid to having one on one meetings. There was a growing market for flashcard applications and we knew that we could create the most effective by adhering to our principles of elegant, functional simple tools that we’re concerned about the privacy of the user as well as relying on our transparent approach.

At its peak, CommonTO had 5,000 meetings and more than 25,000 attendees. We were thrilled to hear the stories of success on Twitter and through emails from users. However, it was an end to the program. The edu market is difficult enough to penetrate! Here we are, facing the difficult decision of decommissioning one of our most important products.

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